Water is an essential part of your life and home. Treating water has many benefits to your health, home, and budget. All tap water within your home, not otherwise filtered or treated, contains millions of impurities; many that you can see, taste and/or smell, but others that you cannot. Particulates such as rust and sediment, or very small air bubbles, might make your water appear cloudy. While this might be visually unappealing, these Particulates are harmless. However, harmful impurities like bacteria or cysts might contaminate your water and cause flu-like illnesses if your water goes untreated. Thankfully, all the above impurities can be treated with the correct water filtration system to deliver better-tasting, clean, safe water to your family.

Pentair introduces the finest Commercial Reverse Osmosis System. This 5 stage RO System from Pentair is specially designed to offer optimum level of water filtration, It filters particles as small as .0001 micron.

With advanced technology and reliable quality, Pentair uses world class components in this RO System, to ensure safe drinking water for all. Our high technology membrane and filters help remove all impurities like mineral salts (TDS), suspended particles (TSS) etc found in water and makes the tap water safe for consumption.

Pentair's energy-efficient water treatment and filtration products, residential water systems, and specialized heat management systems blend convenience and conservation.


Pentair helps make life at home safer, easier and more comfortable. We're the first name in water softening products that can extend the life of appliances and make every day more comfortable. Our capabilities also extend to safe drinking water, well tank solutions, pools and spas, heated floor technology, flood protection, and more.


There are now more than 2.5 billion people without an improved sanitation facility. Pentair is working hard to deliver clean, safe water where and when it's needed with dispensers, purifiers and filtration technology.


Pentair is at the vanguard of pool management, and we also provide products for marine and RV applications. Pentair's high-performance, pumps, filters, cleaners, heaters, lights, and automation systems make for a user-friendly — and earth-friendly — experience