AWSPL provides comprehensive, integrated solutions to diverse industries from automotive and textile, Pharma and electronics, food and beverage, to power stations, refineries, fertiliser and steel plants.

The offered systems capacities ranging from 220LPH to 50,000LPH are designed to successfully handle demands of water filtration through utilizing following processes of purification

  • Intake
  • Pre-treatment
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Process
  • pH Adjustment
  • Oznonation
  • De Mineralization
  • Re Mineralization
  • Disinfection

When the Minnesota Twins wanted a pioneering water recycling system for their new ballpark, Pentair delivered. The rainwater capture-and-reuse system slashed reliance on municipal water by 50 percent — and set a new standard for efficiency. If Pentair can do that for a 40,000-seat stadium, imagine what we can do for your office.


In urgent situations, you don't want to have to think about whether water will be available. Help ensure it with Pentair's pressurized water systems for fire protection and other critical applications.


Pentair's pumps, valves, and filtration products offer enhanced sustainability with efficient, low maintenance, high performance operation. Pentair's products are trusted in a wide variety of commercial applications, including agricultural, light industrial, and multi-unit residential.


Pentair supplies facility managers and commercial contractors with the tools necessary to keep equipment and systems functioning properly, while minimizing the service time and labor required.

It has rich experience in successfully handling the demands of precision designed and optimally functioning Industrial RO/ Reverse Osmosis Plants. These industrial reverse osmosis Plants can be also made available in customized specifications with configurations to suit individual requirements of output water that varies from normal drinking application to usage like in pharmaceutical production, food processing and as boiler feeding requirement. Here, our expertise lies in offering industrial /commercial reverse osmosis plants in different flow rates for 100 LPH to 20000 LPH with the TDS reduction capacity that goes as high as 90-99%.