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AQI Monitor

Air Visual Air Quality Monitor

Air Visual air quality monitor is an air pollution monitor that uses a high precision laser to count particles in the air, which is then processed with a unique algorithm to calibrate for external factors such as temperature, humidity, and outliers. The air quality monitor showcases live AQI readings of both indoor air and outdoor air.

How does the air quality monitor work?

The Air Visual Node detects PM2.5 particles in the air using a particulate matter sensor. The light scattering laser sensor for PM2.5 measurements throws a laser light beam onto particles, and this light is then irradiated in all directions from these particles (scattering). A light detector (or 'photometer detector') then measure all of this scattered light, and from this, the sensor can calculate the concentration of particles within the chamber. In this way, the sensor is able to detect near microscopic particles ranging from 0.3μm to 2.5μm. The sensor in the Air Visual Node also has a small fan to ensure a constant flow of air through the measuring chamber. Each reading reported from the sensor is calibrated by a special algorithm which takes into account external temperature and humidity values.

The CO2 levels are detected using a carbon-di-oxide sensor, which is an infrared gas sensor. The components of the sensor include an infrared source, light tube, an interference filter and an infrared detector.

Features of Air Visual Node:
  1. PM2.5 Readings: PM2.5 is particulate matter of 2.5-micron size that can damage your throat and lungs. The pollutant is particularly dangerous as its small size allows particles to directly enter your bloodstream from your lungs.
  2. CO2 Readings: High carbon-di-oxide levels mean you need fresh air. Stagnant air has less oxygen, more bacteria, mold, and other harmful fumes.
  3. Temperature Readings: Make sure your environment is comfortable, as well as healthy.
  4. Humidity: Dry air contributes to irritated sinuses, sore throat, itchy eyes and skin aging. Meanwhile, the overly humid environment can bring about biological pollutants such as dust, mites, and mold.
  5. Indoor & Outdoor Data: See your indoor air quality next to outdoor readings from the nearest official monitoring station.
  6. Forecast: Plan ahead to minimize pollution exposure and discomfort outdoors. We will keep you informed with air quality and weather data up to 3 days in advance.
  7. Alerts: : Receive notifications when air quality fails to meet standards. Smart integration allows you to control smart home devices with action-based rules.
  8. Advice: We take all of your air quality data into account so you don’t have to. The Node learns from your indoor and outdoor environments to provide you the most productive and cost-effective recommendations.
Advantages of Air Visual Node:
  1. Monitor: Find the perfect balance between clean and fresh air by tracking invisible threats both indoors and outdoors. You can also remotely monitor the quality of air in your home or office using the Air Visual App.
  2. Compare: Discover sources of air pollution by quickly comparing indoor air quality with outdoor data from your nearest monitoring station.
  3. Foresee: Plan ahead with air quality and weather forecast to optimize health and comfort during outdoor activities.
  4. Take Action: Breathe healthy air wherever you go by following the Node’s quick fix tips, learned from your environment and habits.
Where can you use the air quality monitor?

The Air Visual Node can be used in multiple places for 24/7 monitoring of air quality: -

  • Find out what students are breathing and take the best step to ensure the healthy air in the classrooms and beyond.
  • Continuous exposure to particulate pollution inside classroom would result in students facing breathing problems.
  • It is always advisable to exercise with good air quality around you.
  • PM2.5 is more likely to cause damage during various aerobic activities.
  • Provide your guests the information they need to plan their outing while being surrounded by fresh air.
  • Distinguish your hotel brand by providing them clear air heaven.
  • High CO2 levels in the office can make you feel tired, get headaches and lose focus.
  • Knowing when to ventilate your office with fresh air is the key to increasing productivity.
  • Children and elders are more prone to irritation from indoor particulate pollution.
  • Ensuring pure air quality at home is essential towards the health of children and elders.
  • Know when to put on a mask and venture outside and when to go for a picnic under the bright sunshine.
  • Node helps you keep your family safe even outdoors.

Take PM2.5 laser Particles detector Out of the packaging one set of our product including of one PM2.5 detector, One USB Connecting wire, one Instruction.

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Sensitive Reaction
  3. Fashion appearance, carry convenience.
  4. Wide Application range, It can be used in indoor, Car, Public area, etc.